Have you received a ticket for a moving violation, insurance violation, equipment violation, suspended license, or other traffic offense?  Not only can some traffic violations put points on your license and carry insurance ramifications, did you know that some traffic offenses are misdemeanors which can potentially affect a person from gaining employment?  In addition, many traffic offenses, including violations, can result in jail time under certain circumstances. I have decades of experience dealing with these types of charges. While no two cases are alike, I have been successful in getting charges reduced or in some instances dismissed. I have also conducted numerous traffic trials and understand when it is preferable to plea bargain a case or to fight it. I am a “regular” in the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency in Hempstead and in many of the smaller village courts around Nassau County.  In many instances, (generally non-misdemeanor cases) you will not have to appear.  Call me if you have a court appearance for any type of traffic violation.  All consultations are confidential and free.