New York State Has Implemented Law Enforcement Drones

27 July, 2018

If you live in Nassau County you may be aware that from April 2018 the police force has been using drones for law enforcement.   In attempts to improve officer safety in New York, 18 aerial drones have been launched to reduce police reliance on helicopters and other air crafts.    Said Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “This state-of-the-art technology will improve emergency response, improve operational and cost efficiencies and increase trooper safety,”.  He went on to state, “We will continue to implement innovative technologies to improve our ability to protect New Yorkers across this great state.”   The drones will be supplied by New York State Trooper Foundation.  The move to drones is expected to reduce police spending and save on police-manned helicopters and planes.  Other benefits include response time to incidents and a greater awareness during situational disasters. Said State Police Superintendent George Beach “The aerial drone systems we are deploying bring substantial benefits to our troopers in the field and are representative of our ongoing efforts to provide the tools they need to deliver outstanding service to the public,”. The online news channel, StateScoop interviewed the New York State Police office.  During the interview they were informed that the drones will not be used for surveillance or to patrol residents.  Instead they were informed that that police will only be using the drones for specific law enforcement missions including the below:

  • Crash reporting
  • Crime scene mapping
  • Natural disasters
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Traffic monitoring at large events