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Have you been arrested or received an appearance ticket for assault, menacing, domestic violence charges, sexual assault, or other crimes against a person?  These are the more consequential crimes of the NY State Penal Code and the Nassau District Attorney takes these cases very seriously.  One of the things that sets these types of cases apart is the strong reliance on the complainant or “victim” in the case.  If the victim wants to press charges, even if the case is factually weak, the District Attorney may still aggressively pursue the charges.  Conversely, even if a complainant does not want to press charges, the District Attorney may still forge ahead with the case, at times even bringing it to trial.  I have decades of experience dealing with these types of charges. While no two cases are alike, I have been successful in getting charges reduced or in some instances dismissed.  I have also conducted jury trials on assault cases and gotten acquittals of those charges.  Call me if you have a court appearance for any type of violent crime or domestic violence allegation.

As a Nassau County Defense Lawyer, I understand that being charged with a violent crime can lead to instant prejudice in how people perceive you.  As a Nassau County Defense Attorney, I will offer you respect without prejudice no matter what you are charged with.

Although prejudice can even come from the jury of your peers, especially if you are in the media spotlight, I will ensure any prejudice is left outside of the criminal court.

I am an experienced criminal defense lawyer and understand how to highlight the areas of your case which will showcase the sympathetic side- a side that is extremely important to a successful defense case.  As a Nassau County defense attorney, I have the skills and resolve to protect your rights and help the jury to see you as a human being with your own side of the story.


However, it is fair to say families do not always get along, and even the most perfect of marriages do not always continue.  For this reason, sometimes, accusations of domestic violence get tossed about as a way to punish a spouse. If you have been falsely accused of a domestic violence case that you did not commit, a Nassau County Defense Lawyer is here to help. The consequences of a domestic violence charge can have an extremely serious impact on your life, so ensure you choose an experienced domestic violence lawyer to defend you against such charges. If you have been accused or charged with battery or domestic assault, call a Nassau County Defense Lawyer immediately to discuss how I can help you!

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