When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

27 July, 2018

Have you or a loved on recently found yourselves in legal trouble?  If you have, it is time to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer!   If you are based in Nassau County, a Nassau County Criminal Defense Lawyer is the perfect option. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney and have your best interests at heart, I am non judgemental, respectful, and most importantly here to help.  It might sound like an expensive option right now, but it could save you thousands down the line.   Regardless of your criminal history, even a onetime conviction can have a damaging effect on your life for years to come.  If you are under investigation for criminal activity it is vital you have an experienced representative by your side.   As a Nassau County Criminal Defense Lawyer with decades of experience, I have had a great deal of success with getting criminal charges reduced to the minimum.   At What Point Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney? From the moment you are arrested the best course of action is to have an attorney.  Of course, at the time of the arrest this is not always practical.  But the message to take here is to ensure you get one as early as possible to best improve your chances of a successful outcome.  This is most important with those facing the more serious criminal allegations. Generally speaking, after your arrest you will be let out and await a date on which your arraignment will take place. What is an arraignment? An arraignment is a hearing in which you will listen to what you are being charged with.  It is also your opportunity to please guilty or not guilty.  It is essential to have counsel at your arraignment as it can also be a time when you will first see the prosecutor. Prior to the arraignment it is beneficial to speak to your lawyer.  It is your chance to find out what the charges you are up for mean, and what punishments they could result in if convicted and found guilty. Having a criminal attorney to represent you can also offer emotional and personal comfort. Fighting charges can be a confusing, painful and lonely experience.  Having someone on your side can help you get through it and can be just as valuable as their legal assistance. If you have been accused or charged, call a Nassau Country Defense Lawyer right away to discuss how I can help you!  Please note all consultations are confidential and free.